• cilla posted an update 4 months ago

    Good morning clickers…..I’ve been awake since 4.15 :-( We had a walk at Watermead yesterday morning then straight to nearby petrol station followed by a trip to M and S 20 minutes from there (in walking boots) for OH to buy chinos and polo shirt ;-) I bought a bracelet I had seen on a previous visit. I got a lot done in the afternoon. I dug up some geums that were past their best, planted the theee plants I had bought and my own grown penstemons. The soil was like concrete in parts so had to do some back exercises afterwards. Haircut this morning and chiropodist after lunch. The large veg garden water butt is now dry so I will have to start carting cans up from the house butts. I may lok at those wriggly lightweight hosepipes…..has any one used one?

    • Morning again Cilla, ignore my other comment – I forgot to look. :lol: Goodness you got loads done yesterday. :good: Sounds like a “you” day today, so enjoy that, you deserve to after yesterday. :good: Haven’t used those wriggly hoses so sorry can’t answer that one.

    • Hail, Cilla! I hardly go into M&S these days because I really have a ridiculous amount of clothes, some of which I haven’t even worn, and probably never will (especially as I spend most of my life in old garden togs). Can’t help with the wriggly hoses either, I just have an ordinary one to heave about.

    • Morning Cilla, Bean & Karen, a feet up with a book sort of day possibly? :rose: