• cilla posted an update 4 months ago

    Morning clickers. Do you realise we were all off to Gd’s Live this time last year? We have gusts here but nothing like the north is experiencing, stay safe northern friends. I had another good afternoon gardening yesterday and it is looking lovely for our friends, Liam and Liz to see. They are coming for coffee then out for lunch and we may take them to the Heritage Railway Centre where there is a wildlife,walk and museum.

    • Morning again Cilla, such happy memories, but hard to believe it was a year ago! Have a lovely time with your friends, I’m sure you will. :good:

    • Was it really? I’m sure Liam and Liz will be suitably impressed by your garden, I would be. I’ve been gardening intensively for weeks now, trying to bring mine back from the brink of jungle, and it will NEVER look as good as yours. :-(