• cilla posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Afternoon clickers. Just watching Rafa playing. I stuffed some chicken thighs with mozarella and pesto but don’t have any cocktail sticks so I think I will end up with a cheesy, sticky mess :lol: A few clouds this afternoon as well as sun and a lovely cool breeze which is a respite. My few Sungolds are tasty but the cherry toms I picked don’t seem to have much taste…….perhaps I’m overwatering or just losing my taste buds…..beetroots seem a bit watery too. Veggie feeding tonight :-( . I hope you’ve all had a good day :-)

    • Afters Cilla, it was quite overcast here up (thankfully, ;-) until about an hour ago, so I got a load of tidying up done and was able to water at leisure. :good: I’m watching the Anderson/Monfils match – The Rafa one was becoming boring. ;-)

      • Afters Karen. You’ve been very quiet this weekend, have you been recovering from all that washing? ;-) How is the returned sailor, has he settled down after his exploits?

        • Hi hon, aye, we took some time to ourselves and the Omagh show was on so went to that on Sat. Aye, he’s fine, went back into work in Larne for a few days so I’m getting caught up – though not with the ironing which is still skulking in the study (I’ve closed the door) :lol:

          • Let it skulk :-) I’m glad you enjoyed your weekend. Better go and check the messy chicken :lol: Enjoy your evening…..time for a :drink:

          • Hallo Cilla and Karen … glad you asked Cilla … was wondering and smiling ;-)
            Are the sailors well and happy enough Karen?

            HALE Both :rose: