• cilla posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Morning all. A cooler but still sunny day in prospect. I fed and watered the veggies last night with my malodorous comfrey tea and then decanted the latest batch in to bottles…..the smell stayed with me all evening :lol: Trip to the vets for cat biscuits and then hair trim. Nothing else is planned. Havena good day all :cool:

    • Hello again, Cilla :-) It’s about time I gave the veggies some comfrey too – will do it later – thanks for the reminder ;-) Just off out for a skip. Have a good and cooler day :-)

    • Morning Cilla. I thought of making comfrey tea this year because the plants that Simon sent me have expanded so much and take up a large area – but I read a description of just how smelly the process is, and decided not to. I will no doubt read a glowing report of how good the stuff is (from you) – and wish I had been braver. Enjoy your day.

      • It is all a bit hit and miss on the dilutions Bean so I have no idea whether it is working ;-) I haven’t seen Jane’s skipping video yet even though I put my shorts pictures on……do you thinkmshe needs a reminder? ;-)

        • I think the problem might be that although Jane looks sweet and obliging, that docile exterior hides a steely determination not to indulge our whim. If only she realised that by so doing, she could possibly persuade me (and perhaps countless others) to take up the healthful pursuit, thereby adding years to our lives – I am sure she would do it. She probably thinks we just want to snigger quietly. Nothing is further from the truth – it is almost as positive as being an organ donor…..

          • “Yeah, yeah,” she mutters, while studiously ignoring them yet indulging in the positive she glow she gets from increasing her heart rate, thinking also that she will have really made it when she dares to skip in shorts. Then and only then will she contemplate media coverage.