• cilla posted an update 3 months ago

    Morning all. I didn’t walk yesterday but did more courgetres au gratin :-) I took a bag of courgettes and the soup recipe to my Italian friends on the close and she assures me she is hapoy to have courgettes as she hides them in various meals for the children :-) I cut back more dead stuff, sowed some lettuce in a box and rocket in the veggie bed. Sainsburys this morning and I may tackle the front garden.

    • Morning Cilla :-) I think I’ll have to have a side dish of courgettes with my courgette lasagne tonight :confused: Can you believe I actually bought one when I was cooking dinner in Oxford!! :mad: Hope you have a great day – my garden needs more than a tackle ;-) Must hang the washing out now. See you later :rose:

    • I wish I had been bright enough to “hide” courgettes in my children’s diet years ago – it might have avoided present apathy. This is a shame because I’ve just looked up their nutritional value, and it’s frankly surprising. What that vegetable really needs is an inspired cook to concoct some really good recipes for it. But giving them away is also good – have a lovely day, Cilla.