• cilla posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Morning all. Sains yesterday. I had a lovely 5 mile local walk after lunch. I started off in my anorak, which hasn’t seen light of day for weeks, as the temp said 12 on the patio! I ended up taking it off when the sun came out but there was a lovely cool breeze. The blackberries are ripening so I must remember to carry a bag at all times as I usually miss them. Made courgette tian to go with the sausages which was rather nice. Have a good day everyone :-)

    • Morning cilla, good day forecast today with lots of sun so will make the most of it before the rain arrives. :-)

    • Morning Cilla, definitely a lot cooler, makes doing anything a lot easier though. ;-) Oh yes, blackberry season, must have a hunt round here, the hedgerows usually have loads. :good: I’m just going to take his nibs a coffee, enjoy your day. :-)

    • Morning Cilla, Dix, Karen :-) Are you having a quiet day today, then? ;-) Have a good one :rose:

    • Have to thank you Cilla for 2 (yes, 2) good recipes for courgettes in one day. Utterly amazing! Have spent most of my adult life finding courgettes dreary – but it was obviously my own fault entirely. Have looked up tian and bookmarked it -will certainly try it out.

    • Morning Cilla, Dixon, VV and Bean, I must remember to carry something for the blackberries too, with so many apples on our trees, they will make a addition to just apple pie or crumble :-)

      • Have still got a whole bag of frozen brambles in the DF from last year….sob.