• cilla posted an update 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    Morning clickers. A bit of a disturbed night here as OH has developed a streaming cold :-( We had a pleasant, sunny day yesterday. We spent the morning at the bird reserve but saw nothing to excite me…..the bearded tits, bitterns and otters are determined never to show themselves to us…..only to all those other birders :lol: Our best sighting was on a log where someone had put bird seed and the prettiest, glossiest little rat was happily tucking in along with chaffinches, robins and willow tits!! Off home today….4 days away is enough for me and I’m looking forward to seeing the kits and getting stuck in to the garden. I hope you all have a lovely saturday, especially Jane…..enjoy your weekend Jane @northernteacher

    • Morning Cilla :-) thank you – off in just over an hour. It’s sunny and expected to be nice weather :good: Sorry to hear about OH – probably a slow drive back then if he’s not too good. Hope you can see some interesting sites on the way back. Have a safe journey :-)

    • Good morning :high-five:
      How dismal for your OH Cilla … & what a shame too about your lack of birds, but safe drive home and take care :rose: