• cilla posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Good morning clickers, I see you have all been and gone. OH cut the front hedge yesterday morning, I cleared the chttings and it was all done by 10. After lunch we went to a GC for his lawn feed and I bought some green manure and then found 3 tubs of assorted seeds all at 50p so bought two different lettuce and sweet peas and could have gone mad, of course :lol: Due to be wet and windy here but I have Sainsburys to go to. Stay safe and dry everyone.

    • Morning Cilla, :high-five: ,I’m here, but about to get into the shower. :good: news on the seeds, I picked up a few packets in Wilko’s a few weeks ago :giggle: us gardener’s can’t resist a bargain!! HALD :rose:

      • Morning Lynn. I also found I had bought nicotiana and hesperis ;-) They sent me a £5 of voucher this morning for the weekend…..bribery or what? :lol:

    • Hi Cilla :-) everything sounds good for you so far then – hope the weather isn’t too bad. Have a lovely afternoon if poss :rose:

    • Afters Cilla, blimey you were fast at the hedge cutting. :good: I did the shopping on the way back from the pool this morning so am sorted, yea. :-) OH not back till tonight so I snuck in extra pool time. ;-) Hope the shopping goes painlessly and stay safe – and dry! :good: