• cilla posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning clickers. I’m very impressed with the Suzuki garage, they didn’t find any “extras” to put on the service bill, unlike my old garage, and they cleaned Susie Splash too :good: We had a drink at the little gc then went in to Oakham. I bought some “c” word cards but our little cafe we were going to have lunch in was closed for renovations so we ended up with Tesco sandwiches in the car :lol: We went for a local walk in the afternoon and in the evening I actually got to the table tennis……there were only two people there, Roy and Mick and they were very kind to me as I had a practise, never having played for decades. I really enjoyed it. I played quite a few games, didn’t win any but I also managed a few good shots. I was dripping at the end of it and exhausted but I’m sure I shall go again. So far this morning the back and knees are okay :lol: Hair cut this morning… the rain ;-)

    • Morning Cilla, ooops just asked you about the car. ;-) Great news on the new garage, so hard finding one you can trust. And well done you on the table tennis, that will keep you fit! Enjoy your haircut in the rain. ;-)

    • Morning Cilla :-) good for you on the table tennis – it’s quite a fast game, as I recall, and your exhaustion is only because of your recent sickness ;-) You’ll need to take one of those see-through plastic rainhats with you to keep your hair dry but show it off at the same time :silly: Have a good day :-)

      • There is a lot of chasing the ball round the floor and picking it up Jane :lol: Near the end of the evening something dropped on the floor…..a wasp. Then we looked up and saw several flying round so looks like there is a nest somewhere in the roof. They will be dying soon anyway.

    • Your village just keeps on getting better and better – am green with envy about the table tennis. We had our own table at home which we put up in the hall – and we all used to play a lot. Is this a “new start”? I’m just a bit surprised that there were only two other people there – sounds like the news just hasn’t got around yet.