• cilla posted an update 8 months, 1 week ago

    Morning clickers. I guess Jane is heading off to Grimsby and Karen is having a dep and meaningful discussion with OH about cars, over a cuppa ;-) Sainsburys this morning :-( The soup mines are nearly depleted so that could be on the to do list and a bol sauce. I hope you have a more exciting day than that :lol:

    • Morning Cilla :-) change of mind as the store no longer has what we wanted to try and we don’t want to go all that way just for lunch. Need to find another place – Lincoln is a possibility but not today :confused: Your day sounds a lot more exciting than mine now – enjoy :lol:

    • And both your days are infinitely more exciting than car talk :confused: :disappointed: :lol: Morning girls. :-)

      • Morning Karen :-) you wanna bet? :lol: Just got a bit of work in from an ‘old’ student, which will take my mind off (not)shopping ;-) Try and control the conversation and enjoy the day :lol: :rose:

        • “Try and control the conversation”? :lol: :lol: :lol: Even if I wanted to I couldn’t Jane. ;-) Did you get your work all sorted?

          • Morning Karen :-) it was very short and she’s supposed to be sending me the rest, also short, tonight. She works for the NHS, so I know she’s busy, but I had to put on my teacher’s hat a couple of weeks ago to remind her of time management skills ;-) Hope you’re having a good weekend so far :-)