• cilla posted an update 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    Morning clickers. We had an enjoyable and for me, expensive, day yesterday. We went in our favourite antique shop in Uppingham and the first thing I saw was a pine bedside table of which I have been looking for for ages. A bargain at £50 so I bought it. :lol: Tasty plaice gougons, coleslaw, salad leaves and rustic fries at the gc. I bought some bulbs and birthday cards and OH bought a good sized Portuguese Laurel to fill a gap in the hedge. I bought us all tea and cake and there was 10% off food and GC purchases on a wednesday with their loyalty card :good: OH is at his 2nd art class this morning and I may nip to Waitrose for some bits.

    • Morning Cilla :-) big success for you then with the table :good: You’ll be sorting out the bedroom today then ;-) Lunch sounds good too, especially with discounts :lol: What else are you doing besides shopping? Have a good day :-)

      • Bedside table polished and installed last night, it has a cupboard to stash all the stuff that accumulated on top of the old cane table :-) No other plans unless I fit a walk in. The paths need sweeping as the blackbirds have been having a gay old time with the leaves :lol: What will you be up to? It should be warming up as tomorrow’s temperature says 11.

        • Just been out to sort the birds – very slippery underfoot. OH thinks we’re more likely to shop tomorrow as it’s warmer and that’s fine by me. He wants to test a drone and wants me to spot – that’s fine as it’s just over the field – I’m not going further than the gate ;-) I expect I’ll be reading. I’ve got one more of those Earth’s Great River documentaries to watch so I’ll catch up on that. So far, the Amazon was best – did you see them?

          • The river series are very good Jane :good:

            • I was pleased to learn so much about the Amazon and Nile, Cilla. Will watch the Mississippi one over the weekend, I expect. I don’t fancy a fly-burger but we should all be getting our protein from insects really! :dunno:

    • Hi Cills and all wave wave, the table must have been waiting for you Cills :good: