• cilla posted an update 7 months, 1 week ago

    Afternoon anyone who’s about ;-) Busy day here. I washed lots of pots and modules this morning, cleaned the sparrows cage and nipped out for milk (and a caramel doughnut :giggle: ) and found another Mari Hannah book in the charity shop. After lunch I went for a short walk in the lovely mild sunshine and admired the drifts of snowdrops and aconites in the woody bits. I hope you all enjoyed your day :-)

    • Hi Cilla :-) was on here just a while ago but you were nowhere to be seen ;-) Busy day for you then :rose: I’ve had a little work in from an ‘old’ client and will finish it probably on Wednesday. Also done a bit of knitting and actually been in the garden :walt: I found some vine weevil grubs in the old strawberry bed I was clearing out for lettuces and piled them on the top to put on the bird table. Unknown to me, the robin had been watching and as soon as I got up just to move the container of old strawbs, he was down there like a shot and had at least 8 in one go before flying off for a rest :lol: I found a few more and left them in the same place and stood away so I could watch him this time and sure enough, back he came – one full robin :lol: Hope you have a nice evening :-)