• cilla posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    Morning clickers. I’ve been awake since 4.30 :-( I am very sad today…my foxes come over a field and accross two open gardens…mother’s garden and daughter’s garden. Mother died awhile back and yesterday a solid fence was erected between the two which one of my foxes couldn’t climb as I think she is pregnant and their food hasn’t been touched. I hope they can work out another route but so many newcomers to the village and solid barriers everywhere. No plans for today.

    • Oh, Cilla, that’s really sad news – I hope the foxes can find you :rose: I feel so fortunate to live right next to a field.

    • Oh Cilla, that is so sad for your foxes. Have you met the new owners yet? Do you think they would be open to leaving a small gap in the fence if it was explained to them? Sounds like you need a gentle day, with maybe a snoozette. ;-)

    • Oh Cilla, that’s tricky :bad: If you appeal to her better nature and she ain’t got one, then you’re sunk. If you take direct and illegal action and you’re found out, then you’re sunk again … meanwhile is there another way round that the fox could safely take? I feel for you. Similar stuff has been going on here …. no frogs, no foxes and no hedgehogs in GG for around two years now. Thank goodness for the birds and squirrels! … I saw an old fox running up our road last week in full daylight, risking life and limb on the road itself … it is very distressing. :bad: Good luck :good: :rose: