• cilla posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    Morning clickers on a dry but (there’s a surprise) blustery morning. I went to Notcutts yesterday but didn’t find anything for my 50% of voucher but it lasts until 27th March. I did buy a birthday present, shallots, cuc and watercress seeds, chile plant, roma tomato plant and a tumbling tom for a hanging basket, just for a change..We went to Melton in the afternoon to collect OH’s car from the repairers, calling at a gc en route for tea and the most delicious scone I have eaten in a long time :-) That softened the blow of giving up the courtesy car which we had fallen in love with :-( This morning is Sainsburys and I may go for a walk. OH is bringing the boys here after school as George is coming to inspect the spare bed to see if it suits him for his bedroom at home :lol: Have a good day everyone :-)

    • Morning Cilla, seems you had a good plant/seed buying session, which is always fun. :good: Meant to ask you before, what was the courtesy car? You both seem to have been very impressed with it. Blimey, children inspecting beds! :lol: If I’d tried that as a child, I’d have got a clip round the ear. :lol: :lol: Though to be honest I don’t think I would have been interested. ;-) Enjoy your walk. :good:

      • Our courtesy car was top of the range Suzuki Vitara. George has a “car” bed which he loves but we are trying to persuade him that he needs an adult single bed for when he has a friend to stay and for him as he gets older……he is nearly 10 and a big lad. OH wants to have a table for painting on in the spare room and storage for all his art stuff which is piling up in the dining area at the moment.

    • Morning Cilla :-) Pampered kids, eh? I would’ve had to do as I was told at that age – like Karen – and got a clip around the ear if I didn’t :lol: Hope you get your walk – very windy here but sunny on and off. Daren’t put the washing out though as I don’t think it’ll stay put :confused: Have a good day :rose: