• cilla posted an update 6 days, 22 hours ago

    Afters clickers. Busy, busy today. I made bol sauce for tonight, did 3 washes and have done all the ironing. It didn’t start raining until 4. OH went for a walk this morning. He is watching rugby and is going to watch football tonight so I shall go crazy :-( Probably watch iplayer on the computer.

    • Blimey girl, you have been busy. It’s been chucking it down all day here, but at least I got some washing done this morning. ;-)
      You need a second tv petal, there would be war here if I had to watch football. :lol:

    • Afternoon Cilla and Karen :-) I hope you’ve got a glass or two of summat warming, Cilla after all that hard work :drink: We’ve just had wind, no rain and I’ve finished one mitten :cool: Started watching ‘Cheat’ on itv player last night – possibly good and might give the second episode a go tonight. If you’re watching tv on the computer, Cilla, you might find something on All4 (I think you said you can’t watch it on the tv itself). Anyway, have a nice evening both of you – we’re on the pizza and :drink: and I’m just going to make the passata. Bon appetit :-)

      • Morning Jane. One mitten is beter than no mittens……he can put his other hand in his pocket ;-) I couldn’t find All4 and ended up watching bits of different things, Irish Showbands, Winter countryfile diaries and Escape to the Country !