• cilla posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Morning clickers :-) It was a pleasant coffee morning yesterday, not many there but good to chat and catch up with villagers. OH and I went to Armstrongs Mill retail outlet after lunch and he bought a lightweight anorak and smart gilet. After a cuppa back home I potted up 4 Black Cherry tomatoes and moved all the toms from conservatory to greenhouse and now I can hardly move in there. I daren’t put anything outside while this cold wind is blowing. Sainsburys this morning and washing to do. I’m still waking at 5.15 every morning, must be tomorrow’s full moon so I’m Mrs Grumpy :lol: HAGD :-)

    • Morning Mrs G, ;-) :good: on your lovely village coffee morning & on OH’s shopping, how is his cold? Bet you’re glad to get your conservatory back, and the toms will be fine. Do you grow all your toms outside? Shopping day for both of us I see, get that out of the way and you can have some play time. :good: Enjoy your day. :-)

      • Morning again Karen. OH’s cold seems to be getting better. I grow what tomatoes I can accommodate in the greenhouse and more outside. My friend with the kiddies is going to have some tomato plants and a cucumber :good: I never do that well with toms….certainly not dripping with trusses that other people seem to achieve so the more I grow the better chance I have :lol: As long as I have enough to make my soup and sauces I’m happy :-)

    • Morning Cilla :-) Yesterday sounds good but not so today with Sains and shopping ;-) Just had a skip – a bit windy and cold but we’ve had this easterly for several days already here. No blue sky today though. Hope your black cherry toms are good – be interesting to know. Have a good day – I’m sure you’ll be gardening at some point :rose: