• cilla posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Morning clickers. It isn’t raining but everywhere is dripping. I haven’t a clue what is happening today, these grey days are horrible, bad enough in winter. This time last year we were in hot sunshine in Ludlow :notacloudinsight: Our Jane is on her way home today so safe journey @NorthernTeacher.

    • Morning again Cilla, think you are due sun & warmth from tomorrow. :good: At least you won’t have to water anything. ;-)
      Ah, I was wondering when our Jane was due back, hope you had a great time Jane. @northernteacher
      Have a good day whatever you end up doing Cilla. :rose:

    • Stay strong Cilla,you can make it :good: :good: the sun is due to arrive soon :cool: :cool: