• cilla posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Morning clickers. Lovely H and I had a busy day yesterday. We walked Philip through the woods and into town where we stopped for a welcome drink and he was much admired by the passers by :-) After a change into cooler colothes we went to a lovely nursery for lunch and a walk round their gorgeous gardens. Then to Nat Trust Bodium Castle where a volunteer looked at us and offered to take us to the top in the buggy…..”poor old bats” he must have thought, looking at me :lol: He gave us an interesting potted history on the way up and it saved our weary legs. Not sure what today’s itinerary is but a dog walk first I think. I hope you rain sodden clickers get the sun, finally today…..but they do say it shines on the righteous ;-) :lol:

    • Hi Cilla :-) What a lovely day for all three of you yesterday :good: Don’t understand your last phrase at all – I was always taught the righteous are exhausting to have around :lol: Hope you have fabulous day – say hello to H :-)

    • Morning Cilla, sun shines on the righteous? :lol: :lol: Cheeky mare. Delighted you are having such a good time honey. :rose: Have a lovely day. :-)

    • Morning Cilla& Hayley, so glad your having a good time together, sound like my kind of day lunch, nursery, then a good walk/buggy ride. I hope you both have a enjoyable day today :rose: :rose: