• cilla posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Morning clickers. Back home now after three wonderful days with our Hayley, the best hostess and she even ordered hot sunny weather ;-) Grey skies here and showers due. Walk, washing, gardening and courgettes and tomatoes to pick. It was a lovely wildflower Gdn’s World last night and I loved the Herefordshire meadow and scenery of course :-) Have a good weekend. :cool:

    • Morning Cilla :-) Might watch GW later then :good: I’m impressed you’ve got tomatoes to pick – I have one courgette that’s ready :lol: Glad to say the lettuce seedling survived the snails/slugs last night. Enjoy your walk :-)

    • Good morning Cilla :high-five:
      I invited the little girl from downstairs to pick some tomatoes for her supper the other day … she was delighted and so careful to look for the ripe ones only :good: I have one plant way ahead of all the others in the Glassroom , and lots coming along in the garden too.
      My Kales have been great so far, but with the advent of Cabbage whites am now getting holes and further heaps of tiny yellow eggs on the undersides of some leaves. I guess am feeding insects as well as us :lol: :rose: