• cilla posted an update 1 week ago

    Morning clickers. A fairly bright start here but heavy rain due to set in this morning until late evening :-( OH with the grandsons but I shall have to find indoor stuff to do. I have picked enough toms to make a batch of soup so will do that while listening to Classic FM. Try and have a good day despite the weather, someone may miss it. :pissing-down:

    • Morning again Cills, it’s already arrived here. :disappointed: Good news on the tomato harvesting and soup making will keep you out of mischief. :lol: Do love homemade tom soup. :cool: Enjoy yourself. :-)

    • cilla replied 1 week ago

      Morning Tubs. Sweet Aperitif are nothing outstanding and very small, I still prefer Sungold.

    • Morning Cilla, Karen and Tubs :-) Hope the rain holds off so you can play out a bit first – you don’t want to get too hot in the kitchen ;-) Have a good day :rose: