• cilla posted an update 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    Morning clickers. A very loud tawny owl woke me at 3.30 but I couldn’t spot it. Over the road’s diesel truck woke me at 5.30 :-( . We walked by the canal and water meadows yesterday and had a cuppa at the nearby nursery. We went to our local nursery after lunch and OH bought 3 more pines and I bought a malva, nepeta and shrub budleja which I planted in a newly cleared area near the back door. We may go somewhere today but not sure where. I can see a swallow on the telegraph wire outside.

    • Morning cills – I was woken by foxes. They were so noisy, the little beggars. Your new plants sound lovely. I need a rejig this autumn, I think. Enjoy your day :rose:

      • Morning Cilla, love the sound of your walk, your plants sound good too👍
        Morning Jenn, we get woken up by noisy pigeons&sparrows, plus tractors and combine harvesters at this time of the year!!💐