• cilla posted an update 5 days, 6 hours ago

    Morning clickers. Lots of dew outside this morning but bright and calm. No plans for today but maybe a stroll after yesterday’s marathon :lol: After two great night’s sleep last night wasn’t brill but I got more reading done early this morning :-) HAGD all :-)

    • Morning Cilla :-) Been waking up since about 3am here, too! The walk with my neighbour today is cancelled as she has something else to do ;-) Means I will definitely have to skip and do extra gardening to maintain my figure :lol: :lol: What are you reading at the mo?

      • Morning Jane. What a shame about the walk, don’t you like walking on your own? Definite skip then, can’t have you bulging :lol: My bedtime reading is just a frivolous tale, nothing you would like ;-) Lunchtime reading is Leigh Russell, Dead In A Bed I think it is called, lots of gore :-) Have a lovely, hopefully, sunny day and keep your eyes peeded for the snake :fingers-crossed: