• cilla posted an update 1 week ago

    Morning clickers. We had a walk in the next village yesterday,I did some ironing when we got back. We enjoyed Vienna Blood last night. No plans for today as yet. Have a good one :-)

    • Hi Cilla :-) Watched WOTW and The Sinners last night and I bet you know which was the best TV ;-) I’m sure you’ll come up with plans over breakfast, so I’ll say have a good walk :lol:

      • cilla replied 1 week ago

        Mornimg Jane. Will you get a walk today? Have fun with those leaves ;-)

        • Hi Cilla :-) no plans for a walk today except around the garden! Want to finish getting rid of the rose twigs I cut down the other day. I’ve been cutting them up small to go in the compost bin. It’ll take me ages…