• cilla posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Morning clickers. The wind has dropped at last, thankfully. OH had to wait in for the man to come and install a Smart Meter :-( yesterday so I went off for a walk to the next village and ended up walking 7 miles!!! I think that may catch up with me later so I shan’t be walking that far today. The lovely young chap yesterday smelled gas at the meter box so the gas people came out and found a leak which they repaired after digging down and installing a new part of pipe. We would probably never have found that although they said it wasn’t dangerous.
    No plans for today, as yet. I hope everyone else has a better day. Enjoy before Dennis arrives at the weekend.

    • Morning Cilla, 7 miles! blimey girl, definitely a gentle day for you. :good: I do wonder about those smart meters, but at least he found that leak, so not all bad. Wind has eased considerably here too, but we have more snow. :bad: Dennis looks quite nasty, hope our chimney pot survives! ;-) Enjoy your day. :-)

    • Morning Cilla and Karen :-) :-) Wow, 7 miles – brilliant and you’re definitely due some respite after that!! Hadn’t heard about Dennis but it sounds a bit menacing ;-) Good job by the gas man – you’d only be paying for some gas you’re not actually using otherwise 💷💷 Have a good day :-)

    • I was reading about gas being a thing of the past in homes in the next few years. They want us to be electric. I have refused a smart meter the computer is enough to handle, do not want a smart meter causing problems!!