• Hi Peops :high-five:
    Have been looking at instruments to measure soil PH.on Google …..
    They seem to vary in price from £6 to over a £100.
    What do you use please … would very much appreciate some advice/local knowledge on this topic?

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  • Morning clickers :-) just off out for a quick walk as OH isn’t baking today. Will be back later. Have a good day everyone!

    • Morning Jane. Nice snd fresh this morning for your walk so hope you spot some wildlife. Is the end in sight for the cardi?. Have a good day :-)

      • A lovely walk, Cilla, if a bit frosty! No wildlife but OH did capture some geese flying over via the camera in his drone earlier :good: Cardi is moving along… :lol:

    • If I shut my eyes and concentrate hard, I can feel the wind in your hair (but thwarted by the headband), and the frost crunching beneath your feet. Everything is quiet (even that neighbour) and it’s doing you lots of good. Hurrah!

  • Belated Greetings Clickers, had to go Outside earlier on, watered mine, and Neighbour’s Garden, as She is not well, could be the Heat, but She is Ninety, three Years older than me! The Birds are having a Field Day with my Raspberries, so knew I could not put off picking them, as I made my way to them, Mrs Blackbird, popped One in her Mouth, in…[Read more]

    • Afternoon Tina :-) you’re much too generous to the birds :lol: Hope your leg can be sorted when you go to the hospital. HAGE

    • It’s lovely when your bird friends are friendly … whatever the reason :good: :-)
      Yes, I’m fine thank you Tina … after a tired and lazy morning had a good afternoon gardening, then son [who once worked as a chef and really knows his onions] helped me to cook supper well and we all three watched France beat Belgium in the first semi-final ……[Read more]

  • Definitely berthed at Carrickfergus, and probably away home for their tea and a bit of pampering from their nearest and dearest – who even as I speak is stuffing the dirty washing in the machine, and serving up a […]

  • Yewbarrow posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    afters folks, too hot to do anyting, will water later when sun has cooled down a bit, cucumbers, courgettes etc are growing ok now, bit discombobbled this year as usually don’t go away until second week in June, planted everything out by then, this year am running after one and catching two, however worth it to visit Malvern and sure everything…[Read more]

  • cilla posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    After reading your clicks I am going to be the odd one out and, unashamedly admit, that I shall be watching the royal wedding and revelling in a happy event amidst all the doom and gloom on the news every day……so there :lol:

  • Thankyou all you lovely clickers, for your messages. I’ve had a busy day, with cooked breakfast at a GC to start, then came home to more cards and pressies in the post, then off to Anglesey Abbey a NT property, with a lovely winter garden and all those white/silver birches. The rain stayed away too. The only downside was the rugby!!! Thankyou all…[Read more]

  • Beanstew posted an update 2 years ago

    Bit of a mixed day yesterday, with some time wasted in cutting a badly designed stencil which needed more bridges to give stability, and a good afternoon clearing out the refrigerator/ vegetable drawer to make the Irish delicacy Colcannon. Potatoes getting a bit wrinkly, a lone leek, a bunch of spring onions, half a tub of creme fraiche (left…[Read more]

    • Do love colcannon Sheila and a bit of leek added to it sounds good – must try that. :good: Good luck with the stencil, it sounds really tricky.
      Ooops, manners, and good morning. :-)

    • cilla replied 2 years ago

      Good morning Bean and Karen. Do you make your stencil from perspex Bean? A photo please when it is done. The colcannon sounds great, I must do that for a change.

    • Morning Sheila :-) didn’t know what colcannon was until just looking it up – a must try, I think! Can’t comment on your stencilling capability as I really have no idea what you’re up to – I just hope you’re satisfied with your finished product eventually. Have a good day!

  • Still Clearing Up.
    A Ted Tale.

    The Sycamore tree was no more ….. no more that is, than a stump in the earth, rooted where it had stood for at least a hundred years when it probably started life in the Old […]

  • It’s now raining, and I have gone back to 3 layers of clothes, I thought summer was here too!! It looks like the shorts are going to the bottom drawer :giggle: off to get my haircut, it won’t need washing willit :lol:

  • Willow…. (hopefully)

  • Thank you for your kind comments and encouragement. Bean I so wish I could send him up there to tackle the dreaded cherry. He is one of those rare workers, nowadays, who is really conscientous. He had finished […]

  • Beanstew posted an update 4 years, 3 months ago

    Have a large surplus of one of the most uncharismatic of vegetables – the humble turnip – and have pulled the remainder of a row of these out, to encourage a struggling row of parsnips which they were smothering. The prospect of steamed or braised turnips at every meal does much to smother appetite – but I have found this recipe which sounds…[Read more]

    • We use them instead of swede when we have them Sheila, The skillet I am trying this year for the first time, is about five foot high and in flower, Good job I planted it at the back of the garden.

    • I’m sure you could blanch and freeze them Sheila? Or store in slightly damp sand?

  • had to take some peaches off the peach tree today it was plastered with them :wacko: hated doing it but had to be done :cry: ,
    have a guess how many I took off :scratch: no prizes for the closest :lol:

  • went down the allotment today and noticed my winter cauliflower had suffered some frost damage i was a bit miffed as they where doing quite well and the first time ifrom this grew this variety

    i wondered if they will recovers :cry:

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    Thank you Cilla, sounds good, might be tempted to add a wee chilli or two, :whistle:

  • ‘Scuse me butting in Cilla :rose: ….does London clay come as acid soil? I know very little about the science of soil but is it the sort of stuff that red currants like, sort of neutral to acidic?

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