• VegVamp posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Evening gang, what a dreadful dark, dank day. :-( :bad: Got 2 car loads of “stuff” to charity shops and a couple of old duvets to a local dog charity – who are always looking for bedding for them. :good: Decided a slow cooked casserole was perfect for today and have just pulled it out of the oven as it was ready a bit early, a good slug of red…[Read more]

  • @cilla Hi Cilla :-) pleased to say my Coronilla glauca Citrina (one of them anyway) is flowering :walt:

    • Yeah, great news……ours isn’t as yet :-(

      • Hi Cilla :-) really pleased as they did nothing last year and I’d put one in a pot as it seemed to be under attack from something at one point! I can’t remember where I put the third :confused: Have you had a good day? My wool arrived but not the needles! I took a ton of apples out of the pond earlier but the weather has been really really awful here.

        • Hi Jane. What a blooming nuisance about your needles, how frusteating, I hope they arrive soon..

  • Morning clickers :-) a bit of cloud and very breezy this morning. Hope you’re feeling better today, Cilla @cilla :rose: Not much on – Saturday reading and lounging for me. Hope you all have a good day!

    • Good morning Jane. I slept through until 5.30 and then until 7 so feeling much better, but drained, guess I need sustenance :-) It looks like a sunny morning here but I may just go for a stroll this afternoon when OH is watching rugby. Anything in the garden for you to do? I still have 30 tulip bulbs to plant :-( It feels very hot in the house !

      • Have a really pleasant day Jane and Cilla … I have already planted lots of tulips, narcissi and irises, but wonder if I should do some more …rather like the way they pop up and appear when you’ve forgotten where they were! :rose:

      • Morning Cilla and Anne :-) No more than a gentle walk, Cilla as you’ll soon feel fatigued! Leaf collecting… I don’t plant anymore bulbs as I tend to damage ones already in the ground :-( I would think your tulip bulbs can wait until you’re fully better! Have a good day, both of you :-)

  • Is Cilla @cilla having a lie in?

  • NorthernTeacher posted a new activity comment 2 months ago

    Maurandya barclayana, Sheila – a bit of a mouthful, hence Cilla’s own take on it! I’m sure she’ll put a photo on for you @cilla

  • @cilla What you missed by being on holiday, Cilla:
    Hopefully your Lakes’ wildlife is as interesting ;-)

    • Funnily enough I spotted that last night on the news page Jane. Just shows, you have to be in the right place at the right time ;-)

    • Morning Cilla ;-) I hope he’s still around when you next go to Bradgate :good: I think you come back today but I hope you have some sightseeing planned before leaving the area. Have a good trip back :-)

  • VegVamp posted a new activity comment 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning Sheila, Goodness you had a very busy and successful day yesterday! :good: Sadly I think we all go through that anguish of “seedling dumping” at times , such a shame but what can you do. I’m no use to you on the yucca flower either I’m afraid. :disappointed: Cilla will know I’m sure @Cilla Enjoy your day today. :-)

    • Good morning girls. You have been busy again Bean but I’m afraid I don’t know a thing about yuccas. However, it won’t hurt to leave the flower spike until the frosts to see what happens and then cut it down. I am having the same trouble with millions of valerian seedlings in the gravel.

      • Thank you Cilla – will do as you suggest, and stifle my sobs that it did not throw up a spike when there was time to anticipate success….

  • VegVamp posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning Clickers, OH left about ½ hour ago and we have frost! Yikes. :confused: Still have pumpkins and squash out as well, lots of bad words said. :lol: A busy weekend, more heritage cot racing on Saturday down at lough Erne, then went on down to Belcoo & Blacklion for a wander about as it was such a nice day. Sadly it then hissed down most of…[Read more]

    • Morning Karen :-) yikes – frost!! You’re probably harvesting your squashes as I type :lol: Glad you had a good weekend. Been ok here with just the odd shower. Today is supposed to be sunny :fingers-crossed: I’ve got work in – an existing client – much to my surprise, so that’ll keep me busy today ;-) Enjoy your swim – have a good day :-)

      • Morning Jane, aye, a tad surprised about the frost. It is nice and clear, now that I can see, so should be a good day. Work :bad: but :good: on your sun. Have a good day, once the work is sorted. ;-)

        • Morning girls :-) Frost :-( but it is a trifle cool here, too. I’m sure your squashes will be fine and glad you have sunshine to play out in. Your saturday sounds fun but sunday :bad: Enjoy today pfetal.

    • I shall look that up Karen :lol: :confused: :clover: :rose:

  • VegVamp posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Right, that’s me off, see Cilla @Cilla and Anne @Gertie are up, morning girls, will catch up later. :-)

  • Morning clickers :-) a very very breezy day here together with grey sky. Mostly reading the paper and my book. @cilla Have you read the last Shetland book (Wild Fire)? Why is it the last? I sorted out the compost bins yesterday and can now pull out the courgette plants! Have a good Sunday!

  • VegVamp posted an update 3 months ago

    Morning Clickers, now where’s that Cilla one this morning? :lol: @Cilla Turned pretty wet and miserable yesterday, but hoping for better today – eternal optimist. ;-) I now have an avalanche of tomatoes, all the beef ones are ripening together so may be visiting a few neighbours today. :lol: Off to the pool shortly so have a good day all. :-)…[Read more]

    • How dare Cilla have a lie-in, Karen – she always complains when nobody is around to respond to her early morning calls :lol: Good morning to you :-) The forecaster said you have a bright start to the day – good for tomato picking ;-) Have a good swim :-)

      • And good morning to you girls……lie in, what is a lie in :lol: I’ve been busy feeding cats and birds but back in bed with mug of tea now :good: I’ll have a few of those toms, please Karen, I just need a few more to make more soup ;-) Enjoy that swim :-)

        • How many pounds would you like Cilla, :confused: I’d love to give you some. :-) Just off now so will catch up later. Have a good day. :rose:

      • Morning Jane. Damn cheeky of Cilla :lol: Nooooooo, don’t mention tomato picking :lol: aye, it is looking much brighter that goodness. Enjoy your day.

  • @cilla Just watched Part 2 of Bodyguard. Much better than the first and will give it another go next week.

  • Morning clickers :-) what can I say? another hot one and like most, I’ve had enough :notacloudinsight: No doubt I’ll find more courgettes today – I gave some away yesterday. One plant isn’t producing anything of any size but this year I’m not complaining. I sowed some Nantes yesterday and have radish modules ready to go out but might wait a bit…[Read more]

    • Morning Jane, thankfully it is quite a bit cooler here – and very pleasant. There is a raspberry moth, and the caterpillar feed on the flowers, buds and new shoots, so that sounds like your culprit. :-( I’ve just finished a monster bowl of raspberries with yogurt, she said smugly. :lol: Have a good day yourself. :-)

    • Morning Jane. That has remonded me to sow some more radish although second sowings never seem to work for me. I my watercress in the g/h was growing beautifully and I covered it with fleece to protect it from the flea beetles…….and when I next looked it was decimated by tiny green caterpillars :angry: Could be moths as I have had several in…[Read more]

  • VegVamp posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Morning Clickers, and I see Cilla is lurking. :-) Have a good journey and a lovely time petal @Cilla . :good: Got the final load of Caulis blanched and into the freezer yesterday so a bit of space for some more salad stuff to go in. Got the spuds sprayed as well, only to have a shower of rain last night, :-( so that may have to be redone, sigh.…[Read more]

    • Morning again Karen and thank you. I took up a wigwam of past their best peas and sowed carrots and I also dug up a rhubarb and sowed…..more carrots and planted some Webbs Wonderful lettuce……I expect the slugs enjoyed those for supper :lol: I have serious cauli envy, adore cauli cheese :-) Are those peaches nearly ready? Have a peaceful…[Read more]

      • Love my cali too, ;-) Peaches will be a while yet, around mid/late August, but in the middle of a raspberry glut, so I’m not complaining. Thanks petal, am just off now, so safe journey and happy holiday. :rose: :clover:

    • Morning Karen :-) rain? – one lucky clicker! Great news on the caulis! Have a lovely swim and a fab day in total!

    • Morning Karen, I have cauliflower envy, I try every year and I get one or two to about tennis ball size, then it bolts, I’m trying again this year , snowball variety and growing them under enviromesh, to protect them from everything :excruciating: so staying positive. Everything else in the brassica family apart from cauliflower and sprouts does…[Read more]

      • Morning Lynn, the only trick with cauli is good rich soil and loads of water – and I really mean LOADS of water – even here in a wet year I give them extra. ;-)

  • @cilla Hi Cilla :-) pity the beetroot didn’t taste any different cooked in the oven. I really prefer it that way. I thought you might like to see how your grass is doing – it’s a bit like Cousin It!
    • :lol: Hadn’t a clue who you meant so just googled it. It looks healthier than when I gave it to you :good:

  • AliCat posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Wishing @cilla & @shedsue a very happy birthday. I hope you have both had a lovely day and have celebrated in style :cake: :present: :drink: :rose:

  • Hayley posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Birthday girl is online!! @cilla

  • Jenn posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Happy birthday lovely ladies @cilla @shedsue
    Hope you both have a lovely day :present: :cake: :drink: :rose:
  • VegVamp posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Many Happy Returns Cilla and Soz, hope you both have a wonderful day. @cilla @shedsue
    :rose: :clover: :drink: :present: :cake: :present: :drink: :clover: :rose:
    :rose: :clover: :drink: :present: :cake: :present: :drink: :clover: :rose:

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