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    Maurandya barclayana, Sheila – a bit of a mouthful, hence Cilla’s own take on it! I’m sure she’ll put a photo on for you @cilla

  • @cilla What you missed by being on holiday, Cilla:
    Hopefully your Lakes’ wildlife is as interesting ;-)

    • Funnily enough I spotted that last night on the news page Jane. Just shows, you have to be in the right place at the right time ;-)

    • Morning Cilla ;-) I hope he’s still around when you next go to Bradgate :good: I think you come back today but I hope you have some sightseeing planned before leaving the area. Have a good trip back :-)

      • We drive through Yorkshire, Jane, so more beautiful views. We shan’t be lingering, though.

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    Morning Sheila, Goodness you had a very busy and successful day yesterday! :good: Sadly I think we all go through that anguish of “seedling dumping” at times , such a shame but what can you do. I’m no use to you on the yucca flower either I’m afraid. :disappointed: Cilla will know I’m sure @Cilla Enjoy your day today. :-)

    • Good morning girls. You have been busy again Bean but I’m afraid I don’t know a thing about yuccas. However, it won’t hurt to leave the flower spike until the frosts to see what happens and then cut it down. I am having the same trouble with millions of valerian seedlings in the gravel.

      • Thank you Cilla – will do as you suggest, and stifle my sobs that it did not throw up a spike when there was time to anticipate success….

  • VegVamp posted an update 3 weeks ago

    Morning Clickers, OH left about ½ hour ago and we have frost! Yikes. :confused: Still have pumpkins and squash out as well, lots of bad words said. :lol: A busy weekend, more heritage cot racing on Saturday down at lough Erne, then went on down to Belcoo & Blacklion for a wander about as it was such a nice day. Sadly it then hissed down most of…[Read more]

    • Morning Karen :-) yikes – frost!! You’re probably harvesting your squashes as I type :lol: Glad you had a good weekend. Been ok here with just the odd shower. Today is supposed to be sunny :fingers-crossed: I’ve got work in – an existing client – much to my surprise, so that’ll keep me busy today ;-) Enjoy your swim – have a good day :-)

      • Morning Jane, aye, a tad surprised about the frost. It is nice and clear, now that I can see, so should be a good day. Work :bad: but :good: on your sun. Have a good day, once the work is sorted. ;-)

        • cilla replied 3 weeks ago

          Morning girls :-) Frost :-( but it is a trifle cool here, too. I’m sure your squashes will be fine and glad you have sunshine to play out in. Your saturday sounds fun but sunday :bad: Enjoy today pfetal.

    • I shall look that up Karen :lol: :confused: :clover: :rose:

  • VegVamp posted an update 4 weeks ago

    Right, that’s me off, see Cilla @Cilla and Anne @Gertie are up, morning girls, will catch up later. :-)

  • Morning clickers :-) a very very breezy day here together with grey sky. Mostly reading the paper and my book. @cilla Have you read the last Shetland book (Wild Fire)? Why is it the last? I sorted out the compost bins yesterday and can now pull out the courgette plants! Have a good Sunday!

  • VegVamp posted an update 1 month ago

    Morning Clickers, now where’s that Cilla one this morning? :lol: @Cilla Turned pretty wet and miserable yesterday, but hoping for better today – eternal optimist. ;-) I now have an avalanche of tomatoes, all the beef ones are ripening together so may be visiting a few neighbours today. :lol: Off to the pool shortly so have a good day all. :-)…[Read more]

    • How dare Cilla have a lie-in, Karen – she always complains when nobody is around to respond to her early morning calls :lol: Good morning to you :-) The forecaster said you have a bright start to the day – good for tomato picking ;-) Have a good swim :-)

      • cilla replied 1 month ago

        And good morning to you girls……lie in, what is a lie in :lol: I’ve been busy feeding cats and birds but back in bed with mug of tea now :good: I’ll have a few of those toms, please Karen, I just need a few more to make more soup ;-) Enjoy that swim :-)

        • How many pounds would you like Cilla, :confused: I’d love to give you some. :-) Just off now so will catch up later. Have a good day. :rose:

      • Morning Jane. Damn cheeky of Cilla :lol: Nooooooo, don’t mention tomato picking :lol: aye, it is looking much brighter that goodness. Enjoy your day.

  • @cilla Just watched Part 2 of Bodyguard. Much better than the first and will give it another go next week.

  • Morning clickers :-) what can I say? another hot one and like most, I’ve had enough :notacloudinsight: No doubt I’ll find more courgettes today – I gave some away yesterday. One plant isn’t producing anything of any size but this year I’m not complaining. I sowed some Nantes yesterday and have radish modules ready to go out but might wait a bit…[Read more]

    • Morning Jane, thankfully it is quite a bit cooler here – and very pleasant. There is a raspberry moth, and the caterpillar feed on the flowers, buds and new shoots, so that sounds like your culprit. :-( I’ve just finished a monster bowl of raspberries with yogurt, she said smugly. :lol: Have a good day yourself. :-)

    • Morning Jane. That has remonded me to sow some more radish although second sowings never seem to work for me. I my watercress in the g/h was growing beautifully and I covered it with fleece to protect it from the flea beetles…….and when I next looked it was decimated by tiny green caterpillars :angry: Could be moths as I have had several in…[Read more]

  • VegVamp posted an update 3 months ago

    Morning Clickers, and I see Cilla is lurking. :-) Have a good journey and a lovely time petal @Cilla . :good: Got the final load of Caulis blanched and into the freezer yesterday so a bit of space for some more salad stuff to go in. Got the spuds sprayed as well, only to have a shower of rain last night, :-( so that may have to be redone, sigh.…[Read more]

    • Morning again Karen and thank you. I took up a wigwam of past their best peas and sowed carrots and I also dug up a rhubarb and sowed…..more carrots and planted some Webbs Wonderful lettuce……I expect the slugs enjoyed those for supper :lol: I have serious cauli envy, adore cauli cheese :-) Are those peaches nearly ready? Have a peaceful…[Read more]

      • Love my cali too, ;-) Peaches will be a while yet, around mid/late August, but in the middle of a raspberry glut, so I’m not complaining. Thanks petal, am just off now, so safe journey and happy holiday. :rose: :clover:

    • Morning Karen :-) rain? – one lucky clicker! Great news on the caulis! Have a lovely swim and a fab day in total!

      • Morning Jane, thought it had finished on Sunday, ;-) Thanks, just off, have a good day yourself. :-)

    • Morning Karen, I have cauliflower envy, I try every year and I get one or two to about tennis ball size, then it bolts, I’m trying again this year , snowball variety and growing them under enviromesh, to protect them from everything :excruciating: so staying positive. Everything else in the brassica family apart from cauliflower and sprouts does…[Read more]

      • Morning Lynn, the only trick with cauli is good rich soil and loads of water – and I really mean LOADS of water – even here in a wet year I give them extra. ;-)

  • @cilla Hi Cilla :-) pity the beetroot didn’t taste any different cooked in the oven. I really prefer it that way. I thought you might like to see how your grass is doing – it’s a bit like Cousin It!
  • AliCat posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Wishing @cilla & @shedsue a very happy birthday. I hope you have both had a lovely day and have celebrated in style :cake: :present: :drink: :rose:

  • Hayley posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Birthday girl is online!! @cilla

  • Jenn posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Happy birthday lovely ladies @cilla @shedsue
    Hope you both have a lovely day :present: :cake: :drink: :rose:
  • VegVamp posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Many Happy Returns Cilla and Soz, hope you both have a wonderful day. @cilla @shedsue
    :rose: :clover: :drink: :present: :cake: :present: :drink: :clover: :rose:
    :rose: :clover: :drink: :present: :cake: :present: :drink: :clover: :rose:

  • @cilla A very happy significant birthday to you!! Many happy returns :cake: have lots of fun :walt: and lots of sun :notacloudinsight: :present: :cake: :drink:

  • Hayley posted an update 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Good evening all. :-) Allsorts in the garden today. I’ve never seen so much wildlife coming and going and interacting and the result of having two wild Mallards as friends means I have few slugs and snails. Couldn’t believe Jemima yesterday, she consumed a whole snail including the shell! Today I caught her eating a slug as you can see, whilst…

    [Read more]

  • VegVamp posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Morning Clickers, thank Frith for some sleep, did my usually waking up, but got back over until 0530, which was wonderful. Cloudy but bright, dry and still so spud spraying today me thinks as we’ve had a couple of Hutton period days recently. Some work to clear first and a client to see. Need to tackle the greenhouse as well, everything went…[Read more]

    • Or even my usual waking up. ;-)

    • Glad to hear you had a better sleep, Karen – nothing worse than a bad night, whatever the reason. It’s amazing how things are shooting up – I’ve had to retie the tomatoes further up the canes already! Have a great day :-)

      • Morning Jane, aye, that’s another job needs done, toms and cucumbers need tying in! :cool: Hope the work goes quickly for you. :good:

        • Everything is going absolutely bonkers here too – don’t think I’ve seen stuff growing so fast for a while. It’s a wonderful sight, but it takes some keeping up with.

  • VegVamp posted an update 5 months ago

    Just watched Malvern on GW, but didn’t spot our Cilla. :-( @cilla

  • Afternoon clickers :-) and I see Cilla @cilla has just arrived on here – hope you are safely in Malvern :good: Been sunny after the rain early this morning and I’ve spent some time planting out things in pots that had no label – why/how do I lose them? I tried to identify things from the leaves according to what I ordered but that’s a joke…[Read more]

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