• dandlyon posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Morning Anne , Shelia, we still have rain, and for once I was pleased. Ordered a new T5 grow light Jan 1st, it arrived without warning 8.30am this morning, when if dry weather I would have been out. Its up and running and I have four spare tubes from the one that died on me,

    • Shall have to get some of the “stuff” out of the spare room soon to erect the propagator and assemble the homemade growhouse. So your new T5 light has also got me thinking of early spring jobs on a wet, grey winter’s day. As such, I think your purchase is absolutely brilliant, Tony.

    • Morning Tony :-) that was fortunate for you :good: HAGD

    • Good day indeed Tony :-) … bravo :good: Hope it continues in positive mode … you delivery has certainly shed light on the day …. ;-) :rose: