• dandlyon posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Good morning Jane, Cilla, Shelia. Yet more rain, if this keeps up will be able to go swimming in my own backyard soon. Had to smile at the thought of some of us clickers with a skipping rope :lol: I have a piece of rope in my shed just in case my belt busts ;-)

    • Morning Tony :-) you’re ever the practical one :lol: I’d go swimming if it wasn’t an hour on the bus to get there ;-) Not raining here amazingly and the wind has dropped. What does that portend?

      • Wouldn’t be able to skip with the bit of rope you keep for your trousers, Tony – it surely wouldn’t be long enough. Must say I think Jane must be very nimble and brave – I think if I tried solo skipping now, I’d probably trip over the rope and fall flat on my face.