• dandlyon posted an update 5 months ago

    Evening clickers, the air in the Southall residence was blue this morning . I have run out of window sills to put plants on, the last tray had to go on the landing window sill. It just had to happen, I dropped one of the pots. It hit every tread on the way down the stairs and then flew out over the hall carpet. Getting down stairs to get the hoover with out treading damp compost into the carpet was a bit tricky. . It all ended well and a couple of tots of Cumberland brandy made me feel much better. I did say a little more than “Dear me I am annoyed” ;-)
    • These cuttings are larger than I would normally use, they had been left in the ground in Adams poly tunnel. I lifted two stools and stood them over night in a bucket of water , as they were bone dry

    • Had to squeeze a tray into the grow tent, they will have to be removed once rooted as 12hours a day under lights will upset their flowering mechanism

    • I left mine in the garden this year Tony as I didn’t mind if they produced cuttings or not,As I was intending getting new plants ,But as with yours ,They are big and loads of cuttings per root . A lot more than when I bring them in. I’ll take some after this cold snap ends.

    • Bet you said Damn ;-) They are all looking great Tony. :good:

    • They look healthy so far Tony.

    • Whoops!!! You be careful, we don’t want you falling down those stairs :-(

    • I left my dahlias in the ground Alan , they are so cheap in Wilco.s if I loose them. All these plants take up so much room if you lift them

    • Goodness me, Tony – poor plant ;-) Glad you restricted your language for us clickers :lol: Good morning!

    • I left mine in as well Tony, They are so easy to grow from seed ,That they can take their chance in the ground.

    • Cumberland Brandy :good: ..Like your style Mr T… ;-)