• dandlyon posted an update 4 months ago

    Evening clickers, not the warmest of days but dry and the sun shone most of the time Made a start preparing brassica area ,Perlka needs adding at least 3 weeks prior to planting
    • Perlka a form of high Nitrogen and lime, most old allotments have club root and Perlka over a season or two will greatly reduce it and even get rid of it

    • The lines stay in place so I know exactly where the Perlka has been applied, A foot wide band along the strings

    • This area was turned over last November, covered with compost and left for the weather to work on . No cosy places for pests and very few weeds

    • You’re a fount of knowledge Tony … I learn a lot from you … thanks :rose:

    • Great :good:

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