• dandlyon posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Morning clickers, another sunny day on the way, this is 11 on the trot and only the odd light shower. At least the blight alerts have stopped, but I will spray on a regular basis and hopefully keep the crop growing ’till mid September/ Bring and buy at gardening club tonight. Need a credit card the price the exhibition onions and leeks sell for when auctioned :lol:

    • Morning Tony, full on sun and blue here too, though it is due to rain here in the next day or two. Managed to get my spraying done yesterday, so :fingers-crossed: on the blight. Good luck at the bring and buy. :good:

    • Morning Tony :-) are you bringing or buying or both? :lol: enjoy the day!

    • Do NOT sell your soul or go into hawk for an exhibition onion – nothing is worth that, Tony.