• dandlyon posted an update 4 months ago

    Afternoon clickers, its Murphy’s law day for me. Have needed a hair cut for a few days now, the barbers was busy so I thought leave it till Monday, scratched my face cutting back brambles, and after pricking out a load of plants, my nails and hands are shocking. Minister has just called me and asked if I will read the lesson tonight :lol:

    • :-) So how did it go Tony? :rose:

    • Oooops, Murphy’s law indeed Tony. Hope you had a nail brush. ;-) :lol:

    • Morning Tony :-) hope you’ve cleaned up well ;-)

    • Do hope you scrubbed up well, Tony – otherwise have awful picture of some members of the congregation whispering to their neighbour “Tony’s letting himself go a bit these days, isn’t he”?