• dandlyon posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Evening clickers, last one to leave the site this afternoon, filled all my water containers while there was full pressure
    WE have a new plot holder who is a carpenter building his own shed ,can see him getting a few orders
    • Except for the porch over the door the roof is toughened glass. Will keep an update on this plot ,the holder has lots of ideas .This is the new generation of allotmenteers

    • We have a few impressive sheds going up at our site now :-) one of them has a wood burner and French doors, someone could easily stay for a weekend in it ;-)
      But what does make me think is when i first got the plot there was strict guidelines on the size, and most up there is way past these :confused:
      Do like the look of that shed though but won’t it stand out from the rest with possible vandalism or break in :dunno:

    • Looks interesting, Tony – but a potential target, as Karen says.