• dandlyon posted an update 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Morning everyone, the rains back, where is it all coming from? Need a dry morning to morrow have a pallet of compost being delivered.A new one to us Clover Professional Poting compost., its claimed to be as good as the Levington m3 I used this year,

    • Morning Tony :-) The rain is coming from the west ;-) Fingers crossed for tomorrow’s delivery then – you’ll have to let us know what it’s like. Is your son still at home with you? Take care :-)
      • Good morning Tony :-) Good luck with the delivery :good: :rose:
        • I love it when I can use the stuff from my composter. I know exactly what has gone into it and it’s all good … [she said smugly :lol: :lol: ] … sorry Tubs, wasn’t meaning to have a go but as my garden is so small I can get by without buying a great deal of extra soil/compost , and like you, I won’t buy peat-based any more having seen and learnt what damage disturbing the bogs does to our World. :-( I must admit, that there are some, [large suppliers too], whose compost when bought in the past, has seemed less than adequate. That’s why I try to use my own as much as possible. :rose:
          • Hallo Tubs. yes , I use my own compost wherever possible on the beds, and I buy Tomato feed [or its equivalent] and follow advice on feeding – when and how much – to enrich the process. Occasionally I have bought special compost for seed growing. and oh yes, having said all that, Dom points out that last year I still used the compost /soil from those long tomato Growbags for my tomatoes in tall pots, as the milkman was able to deliver them and they are relatively easy to pick up and move about compared with stonking great sacks of stuff otherwise! :lol: I hope that helps. :confused: :dunno: :-)
            Your plans for a tub of veg waste sounds like a viable idea :-) :good: :rose: