• dandlyon posted an update 1 year ago

    Glad Wales won their rugby match, our minister had a rousing selection of hymns last night :good:
    If they lose to England next week it will be a long sermon with unknown hymns. We will definitely not sing Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah :lol:

  • Allan posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    Late morning Anne, :rose:

    • Very late Allan, but just for once, no complaints, as I slept through the night without having to get up … brilliant! :lol: I think you lot, over in the west , have the brunt of nasty cold weather :excruciating: Any snow yet :-( Enjoy the day :good:

  • Mid-March in Gertie’s Garden.
    13.03 2017
    At last the sun is drawing the Camellia out of its buds!


    Spoke too soon! It’s cold and grey out there, but the Kerria blooms shine like little suns […]

  • I found by potting my sets up and keeping them in a cold green house ’till April that I had less bolt than when planted straight into the ground, also non rotted through sitting in cold wet soil

  • I expect this is the way mankind has always learned – by trial and error, Tony – although it is not too different from the way most scientists conduct their experiments. They start out with an idea, and then try […]

  • cilla commented on the post, APRIL 2016 3 years, 9 months ago

    Tony, what an interesting video. I didn’t realise how beautiful the approach to your plot is, it must lift your spirits when you “scoot” along there every morning. What an incredible amount of work and love you […]

  • Good on you, Anne and Walt, too :good: :lol:

  • that looks the business Tony and your rite its more likely you can miss those damn pests that shelter underneath the leaves

    I must admit I didn’t use any bug spray on my brassicas last year because following your advise I used insect netting

    but that spray lance would be worth getting can you recommend a good brand and supplier

  • cilla posted an update 4 years, 1 month ago

    Morning all. We shall probably be walking after breakfast. ÒH seems to be on a health kick and wants to notch up as many miles as possible in a month ;-) I would like to look at shrubs and climbers so may do that as well. Enjoy your saturday everyone. :rose:

    • Blooming Norah, Cilla! Not often I feel sorry for anyone – but sincerely grateful that I was not blessed with a life partner with those aspirations. Hope you will get a sticky bun at least out of the experience.