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    gertie - "Nightnight Peops … stay warm :rose: "View
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    mick1970 - "Good evening not much heat about. Life is Too hectic for my linking. Body is struggling at the moment doctors tomorrow see what the next step is as injection is not doing its job. Looking at more surgery I would […]"View
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    cilla - "Morning clickers. A h/w morning yesterday and the same today. I’m giving my walking limbs a rest. Have a good day :-) "View
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    VegVamp - "Morning Clickers, a wee touch of the white stuff this morning but it is lovely and sunny now. :good: Having a leisurely morning and then we’re off to Letterkenny for a couple of nights. Must go and leave a key […]"View
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    Vashte-Coutts - "Good morning my dearest friends…You would never believe but we got snow :light-snow: :light-snow: "View
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    flowerpotlynn - "Hi Karen, I see your here somewhere?? Hope you managed to enjoy your few nights away, I’m sure you raised several glasses to Andy also to Shelia. Thankyou for keeping us informed, I’m sure it was a great help to […]"View
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    NorthernTeacher - "Morning clickers :-) bitterly cold – not unexpected though ;-) Saw the eclipse of the moon and it’s looking particularly lovely at the mo, too. Not a lot on today. Hope you all have a good one :-) "View
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    charlie13 - "what a change in the weather. feels like winter today. :bad: "View
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    Star - "Hello All, firstly I must apologize for not being on for so long. Life and the internet get in the way sometimes. I will get you all up to date with a post in the near future and of course some photos of my summer garden"View
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    Pinkgardengnome - "Afternoon everyone. My Cherry plum tree that’s potted up in the greenhouse has started to blossom, will it still be OK to plant out over the next couple of weeks?"View
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    ronvalley - "Happy birthday Tony,"View
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    Paula-Smith - "Happy New Year all, rather belatedly. What happened to the App you could download, mine kept coming up, with unsecure, so had to delete it. Is it still available? :fingers-crossed: "View
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    veggie - "Happy new year to all my gardening friends. Looking forward to spring and I’ve just planted my first tomato seeds in the greenhouse. I’m off on holiday in late February and coming back in time to really get stuck […]"View
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    dixon - "Morning gang, off to the plot shortly to get some veg for the roast chicken dinner. Enjoyed the film last night but jean wasn’t so keen. :dunno: both actors played a great part. :-) I have some skirting to fit w […]"View
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    Hayleyagora - "Good morning all. I fancied a little reminder of summer today and found this picture of my beautiful rose in the front garden. Lovely and sunny here now, if a little brrrr. Have a lovely day everyone. :rose: "View
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    seasider - "I have been emptying the summer bedding pots and saving the geraniums to the greenhouse I didn`t realise how many I had planted. Some have grown massive I am thinking now I will have a go at taking some cuttings […]"View
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    AliCat - "Evening all, busy day spent chopping and clearing tree branches from the conifers we felled a couple of weeks ago, such a glamorous life we live ;-) "View
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    stuart - "Had a day in york saturday,lovely :cowboy: "View
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    wind67 - "Often at this time of yr I remake the connection to one of my all time admired groups and individuals . Man I “wish i was there” ( yea thats a Pink floyd Joke don’t you know !!). Take something , or nothing […]"View
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    Caroline-K - "Roses, in the front garden in bloom in December !!!!!!!"View
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