• dixon posted an update 4 months ago

    Morning gang, bucketing down here. :pissing-down: OHs birthday to and one of my grandchildren :rose: :present: Looking like another meal out tonight. :cake: Have a good day and stay dry. :-)

    • :high-five: Hi Dixon. Happy birthday to Jean :cake: :drink: :rose: :rose: :rose: and grandchild and try not to get fat!! :lol:
      We have reached the stage where older grandchildren are gadding about on school trips or Gap years abroad!! Exciting times :lol: :good: HALD :rose:

    • Oooooh, missed this earlier, Happy Birthday Jean, have a lovely day.
      :present: :rose: :drink: :cake: :drink: :rose: :present:

    • Walt replied 4 months ago

      Happy Birthday, Jean :-)

    • Jenn replied 4 months ago

      Happy Birthday to Jean and the little un :rose: :present: :cake: Have a lovely evening – no washing up again=win win.

      • Jean says thank you all. :rose: I really pushed the boat out and took her for sit down fish and chips at “ jacks “ :lol:

        • Last of the big spenders. :lol: :lol:

          • Shirley Bassey got me right karen. :lol: :lol: Evenig hope you enjoyed your week end :rose: Luck of the Irish. :clover: ;-)

            • :lol: Certainly did enjoy it thanks Dix, what an atmosphere. :love: A grand slam next Sat would be the icing on the cake. ;-)