• dixon posted an update 3 months ago

    Morning gang, back from a week away, must now catch up with the garden and lottie, luckily some friends have been looking after them for me. Bought three perennials so must get them planted. :-) Had a few days at Alnwick and visited the castle and gardens but no photography in the castle……….I complained :-( and this is what they did. :pinocchio:
    • :-) :lol: :lol: We thought the castle was a rip off when we went, hardly any rooms open :-(

    • Quite right, too, Dix :lol: Went to Alnwick when I was at uni but as a poor student, entrance fees were way beyond the grant allocation ;-) Did you see the Dirty Bottles? And good morning :-)

    • Teehee… nice one Dixon …. good to have you back in the fold :good: :rose:

    • It’s exspensive, but had a voucher, two for one for the Gardens, and a lot more gardens courtesy of GW live mag and twenty % off the castle with the beancan club, really worth joining even if you don’t have a beancan, free admission to ant RSPB site and discount to lots of homes and gardens. :lol: