• dixon posted an update 1 week ago

    Morning gang, wet this morning but not as windy, put the blue bin out yesterday only for it to blow over, ended running up and down the street retrieving rubbish. :confused:
    Took the bubble wrap down in the greenhouse and will dismantle the propagator today, planted out two delphiniums.
    Last of the beach fishing matches tonight end of season. :-(
    Make the best of your week end clickers. :rose: :walt:

    • gertie replied 1 week ago

      Good morning Dixon :high-five:
      I didn’t know there was a beach fishing season…thanks for that info :good:
      Your bin comment reminds me that I picked up three blown over ones in the road when I went to the post box yesterday, AND I placed mine and my neighbours’ bins back in their places after the dustmen had left them lying on the pavement outside :-(
      I intend to watch rugby this afternoon :good: and also have some seed and planting to prepare in earnest , now we are back from France. Busy, busy :lol: HAGWeekend too Dixon :good: :rose:

    • Morning Dix and Anne :-) Bin there, done that :lol: Have a good day/evening :-)