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    Morning Cilla, glad it’s not just me that gets distracted in the garden, I leave my pots until I put the garden to bed, it’s the plant labels I really don’t like doing, all that scrubbing the pencil off!!!!

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    Thankyou, Anne, Jane, Cilla.
    Sleep was challenging, but am having a slow start to the days watching some rugby until it warms up and the bees have gone out for the day!!
    HAGD all, last day of summer ;-) 💐💐

  • Evening all, another lovely day here in Norfolk. Got a tayberry&summer raspberry plants in Aldi, £1.79 each.
    On antibiotics again another infection, so feeling a bit out of sorts.
    The drain is finally sorted, so we can lay the piece of flooring in the conservatory.
    Spinning off the rest of the honey tomorrow.!!
    HAGE &weekend…[Read more]

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    Great pics , especially the bee’s, good to see they are still busy, stocking up from the winter months.👍

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    Great pics Anne.
    HAGE too💐💐

  • Morning all, another lovely day here in Norfolk :good:
    Avisit to the local GC is planned for gravel &compost,plus a coffee, we shall see if it stays at that!! But I will need to have my A game on sneekiness as OH will be with me :lol: then B&Q for some floor type board & tiles. Hagd all💐💐

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    Morning Jane & Cilla, a lovey day here too. I’m still waiting for my beets to fill out Cilla, last year we had so many, this year even with 3 rows,I’ve struggled to find enough for each Salad meal we’ve had!!! My sweet 🌽 need picking and freezing, I still have about 8 to deal with, then I can dig over that bed too. I have leeks to move to there…[Read more]

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    Morning Anne, ditto on the weather here in Norfolk 👍
    Local GC visit this morning, for some gravel and compost,plus a coffee and any pretty flowers for pots that I can sneek in when Ken isnt looking😁😁
    Eyd 💐💐

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    Morning Cilla, I have gardening &ironing to do, I could do with a hand 😁😁.
    Yes I need to get my eyes tested too! I find it a real trial, ask have a small head and most of the adult glasses are two big and heavy!!! One opticians assistant recommended llooking inthe children’s section, I really didn’t fancy the frozen or Spiderman ones!!!!! I find…[Read more]

    • Morning Lynn, you should have a look, there are some gorgeous children’s frame nowadays Lynn. OH’s grandson has a lovely red pair. :good: Go to the garden and just ignore the ironing, the weather is too nice to be stuck inside. ;-)

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    Morning Anne, off to knit& natter this morning.
    A lovely looking day ahead, blue sky &sunshine👍
    Eyd 💐💐

  • Evening all, have just about caught up with the washing and gardening, still not sure what day it is!!! We’ve had a lovely day, lots of sunshine, got the rest of my brassica’s in and under micromesh. Picked lots of tomatoes, made some more jam, plum and ginger.
    Glad to be back in my own bed, the one we had was too soft and I had really bad hip…[Read more]

    • I’d love to visit Heligan again Lynn. Today sounds lovely, great weather we are having. I hope OH gets something soon, I sooo know what you mean, every time you turn around they are under your feet. ;-)

    • Short term contracts are awful, Lynn – fingers crossed your OH gets something soon. Cilla’s right about the feet thing ;-)

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    Welcome back, Vegg, you will have to update us,on what’s been happening in your part of the world.👍

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    Evening Jane, yes we did enjoy Cornwall, I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Heligan’ (I preferred it to the Eden project) we walked miles, well that’s what it felt like!!! Loved the walled garden and veg garden.
    Back to reality, well playing catch up with the washing and gardening!!!! Glad to be back in my own bed now👍

    • Glad to hear that, Lynn :-) I loved Heligan but we were curtailed in how much we could see as f-i-l was with us and has mobility problems. We’ll go back one day :good:

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    Evening Jenn, very autumnal today after a glorious warm day yesterday, managed to do a fair amount in the garden after being in Cornwall for a week. The rain last night was very welcome last night, the garden was very dry, I watered a lot of the veg after dinner yesterday.
    Did some ironing today after Pilates, did manage a hour in the garden…[Read more]

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    Well done Tony, well deserved with all the care and dedication you put into your veg👍👍

  • Morning all, the hamster has just had his breakfast, so the internet has two bars!!! It’s so painful trying to check anything, I’ve given up and just try once or twice a day!!! Just hope this loads!
    A mixed bag weather wise, planning on going to the ‘lost gardens of Heligan’ tomorrow as it’s the better day :good:
    I’ve become very good at doing…[Read more]

    • Relax and enjoy Lynn … just remember to ‘feed’ the Hamster!! :lol: :rose:

    • Hi Lynn :-) Hope you’re enjoying your holiday despite the mixed bag of weather! Heligan will be lovely and hopefully not crowded. Hope you’re taking some pics for us!

      • Hi Lynn. I loved Heligan. We went when they had just opened it but it must have matured enormously since then. Have a lovely time. :-)

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    Morning Anne, we have grey drizzle at the moment, but it’s trying to clear :good: the internet is slower than slower!!! So anything to do with technology is more painful than usual.
    We went to the Eden project, very enjoyable, lots of walking. Just reading this morning until it dries up a bit. Hagd in CP, letter &postcard on its way, just hope…[Read more]

    • Oh Lynn. lovely to hear from you :good: Want to hear all about the Eden Project :good:
      Have a peaceful evening…hope you are both rested and well :good: :rose:

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    St Austell.
    Yes our bee’s have been very busy. Not sure about the garden center as its been taken over!! Might have another outlet in the pipeline??

  • Evening all, too pooped to party after another honey collecting session!!! It’s the clearing up, we empty the conservatory, then it’s the washing of all the equipment and the floors 😵😵 :sleepy: :sleepy:
    49.5lb and proberbly another 30-40lb to collect next week some time, going to need more jars, but grateful to our busy…

    [Read more]

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