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    Hi Sue, Friday tomorrow :good: :rose:

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    :high-five: Anne,just about to read some mail :good: :-)

  • Afternoon all, just stopped for some lunch and a quick check on the 🎾 and give my wrists a rest!!! Even though I watered first, the ground is still hard in places,but plants are in and extras in trough all watered. :good:

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    Afternoon Bean, it’s been very enjoyable gardening in the cooler temps,plus anything planted doesn’t wilt right away!!!
    Enjoy your day too :rose:

    • This is so noticeable…Hydrangeas in GG were not completed bowed down with the heat when i watered this evening :good:
      HALeoE All :rose:

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    Hi Jane, secret is to water the ground first, I did this yesterday, then the plants establish quicker with a further water when they are in :good:

  • Morning all, it’s much cooler today :good: but as most of you have been and gone you already know that :-)
    I’m off into the garden to plant up any gaps ,I always keep a few annual plants back, incase of causulties, if I don’t need them I just plant then all up in a trough :good: plus some of my lettuce have bolted so i shall resow. Have all :rose:

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    Evening Anne, nursery was hot, 29d and they weren’t allowed outside as no real shade in the garden!!! But I survived, not so many children as the rising fives numbers drop at this time of year as family go away on holiday before the prices rise for the summer holidays, only 24 instead of 36!!!
    Slept well in the end, took a while to drop off as it…[Read more]

    • It was a good day Lynn :good: will write all about it tomorrow …totally shattered now :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: Nightnight :love: :rose:

  • Morning all, a much cooler night, so more sleep :good: some cloud cover this morning, but no rain in them!
    Was serenaded by some lovey bird song and garden visited by great tit, (all6 of them :-) )&wren family, the robin made a appearance along with some good finches , whilst having my breakfast coffee, such a treat, the great tits were hopping…[Read more]

    • Hi Lynn……..Very hot here at the mo but clouding over…Hope we get a wee shower. Its great watching the birds, so relaxing

  • Afternoon all, a much cooler day today, so haven’t wilted as much :giggle:
    Went to knit&natter this morning,had a lovely natter and did some knitting, the cake was very nice too, polish apple cake with cream :good:
    Must see if I can find a recipe :good:
    Saw a lovely sight whilst eating my breakfast this morning, mummy wren with a couple of…[Read more]

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    Brilliant, I have a few trees in the garden :lol:

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    Lucky you :good:

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    Oooh ,I’d like some Jane please,I have some bright red with black centres, and some lilac/ purple double ones, if you want some of those to scatter??

  • Morning all, cooler today allegedly,clear blue sky and sunshine means hot to me???
    Morning Cilla, Jane & Dixon, like you Cilla, I’m saving as much water as I can,Wenger almost 2lt of cold water before our water gets warm, so I have a jug by the kitchen sink, it soon mounts up, have taken to washing my handwashing by hand rather than the machine…[Read more]

    • Another good idea for saving water – and I’m going to start copying you with the hand washing too Lynn, and the jug to catch cold water while waiting for the hot to come through. These are things I’ve never really thought about (being Scottish), so I hope everyone will enter all their water-saving tricks hereabouts, so I can catch up. Thank you…[Read more]

    • Morning Lynn :-) I’ve been saving my veg washing water for the erm, veg, but don’t usually use a washing up bowl for the pots. I think I will do though so that I can chuck it on the garden. Have a lovely day :-)

  • Welcome home Andy& Geoff, hope you got to sleep in very comfy beds last night after a long soak in a warm bath with a drink or two :good: :clover: :rose:

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    Morning all, lovey and cool at the moment, so a wander around the garden and a water of the seedlings, carrots, chard, 2nd sowing of beetroot& swede all doing well,as are the iceberg lettuce I thinned out last week.
    Pilates this morning, she does tone it down a bit with the heat, thankgoodness but it still feels like harder work than normal…[Read more]

    • Morning Lynn :-) it’s lovely wandering around early in the morning, isn’t it? Enjoy the day and if you’re doing pilates in this heat, you deserve something nice afterwards :good:

    • I must have the wrong idea about Pilates, Lynn. I had a hazy idea that it was designed to keep the body supple, and consisted mainly of sinuous movements with fluttering scarves- but I must have got it wrong because you are no slouch with everything that you do. Enjoy today and keep cool.

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    Fab picture, Dylan is growing up so quickly, those eyes are full of mischief, probably aided and abetted by a mischievous grandmother!!! A lovey photo on a Monday morning.
    I echo the others comments on hauling ladders, stepstool etc onto scaffolding :excruciating: I’d be leaving it to the people’s doing the work, if you really can’t, can you make…[Read more]

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    Evening Hayley, looks like a enjoyable day out, with a great view, not for me, I don’t like heights and those pods look like they move about too much :excruciating:
    Yes it’s still warm here a muggy night in store. :rose:

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    Evening all, another scorcher, but we did have a easterly breeze, not that it made that much difference.. BBQ went well as ride my Sunday school session, the children were well behaved :good:
    We had these in a crumble with cream tonight, 1st lot of gooseberries since we moved here and netting them stopped the birds from helping themselves…

    [Read more]

    • Yummy Lynn … Dom likes goosegogs…will put in a plant for next year when the new plot is ready ,….soon :dance: :lol: :rose:

    • Gooseberry crumble, my favourite! :love: :-)

    • They look good enough to eat, Lynn :good:

    • cilla replied 2 weeks ago

      Hi Lynn. I picked 4lbs goosegogs a couple of weeks ago, they have done really well and more to come. Those look yummy :-)

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    He looks very bright and well fed. A fab picture :good: :-)

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    Morning Jane & Bean, a brilliant job Jane, I think I would have found another way though, blow torch or a organic weed killer, you deserve a day off with a good book and a long cold drink or two :good:

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