• flowerpotlynn posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning all, no frost this morning and hoping for some sunshine to enjoy :good:
    Below is my technical gizmo OH bought me for Christmas!!!!! I have a sensor in the greenhouse and this in the kitchen, so I can keep an eye on the temp in the greenhouse, it has a alarm on it that I can set for a minimum and maximum temp! Not to sure if it will help or just make me totally parinoid, about my seedlings and plants, as the temp falls or climbs :giggle: Hald all :rose: :walt: :coffee:
    • Wow, what a great present Lynn, but know what you mean about the worrying. ;-)

    • Morning Lynn :-) Certainly looks impressive but like Karen, know what you mean about actually looking at it. OH put a simple temp gauge in my g/h, which I totally disregard ;-) Have a good day :-)

    • Good morning Lynn and Karen :-) What an interesting gizmo Lynn :good: They just need to make one to control the weather now and we’d be away! It would take the challenge out of gardening though ;-) Have a lovely day both :-)

    • Good morning Lynn. We have one of these but one is in the conservatory and the small one in the summerhouse. I have a thermometer in the greenhouse which I only really take notice of on very hot days ;-) I hope you get some sunshine today, due to be dull here. :-)

    • I’d love to have a gizmo like that. I used to have a gadget that foretold the weather, recorded the wind speed, the rainfall, the atmospheric pressure – and I absolutely loved it. But I do believe it would be possible to get quite neurotic about GH temp for small seedlings. Always remember that if it gets borderline and you don’t have a heating system – lighting an old-fashioned wax candle makes quite a difference.