• flowerpotlynn posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Afternoon all, a bits and bobs sort of two days OH’s body clock is all over the place, so a couple of restless sort of nights, not helped by theses antiabotics, which are playing havoc with my stomach, need to eat but I don’t want too!! Only another 4 days worth.
    Last two days have had showers and sunshine,with a frost this morning. we have put more fondant food on for the bees, this is a crucial month for themas food stores are low and there’s not much around for them to forage, we saw some baby bee’s which is a good sign :good:
    The cosmos I sowed at the begining of the week in the heated propogator are germinating :good:
    Fish and chips from the chip shop ‘the cod father’ :-)
    Hale and weekend all :rose: