• flowerpotlynn posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Evening all, I survived the shift at the nursery, but was I tired, , not sure if it was the heat or I’m still a bit weak??? My back is still giving me a few few problems, it went into spasm whilst being sick!!!
    Managed some garden time, planted up my chocolate cosmos and penstemon heavenly blue, I took some cuttings and now have four all in bloom :good: found a few causulties, but can’t remember what they were :confused:
    Hage all :rose:

    • O dear sorry hear about your back, it was quite warm today and I spent most of it on the golf course. Came 2 out of 4 playing.

    • Oh Lynn … you’re another bod who needs to take it easy for the time being. :disappointed: Have a rest day tomorrow, and just enjoy sitting and reading and writing in the garden rather than bending and planting perchance? :love: :rose:

    • Take care, Lynn :rose: :rose: