• flowerpotlynn posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Afternoon all, I survived all 3days of holiday club and was impressed on how well 55+ children behaved, apart from one or two. I’m having a quiet cuppa, before I head off to have my ear syringed, perhaps that helped me cope with only being able to hear at 50% volume :giggle: but it is really annoying. Also keeping out of OH’swY as he’s sorting his CV and applying for jobs :confused: not sure it going too well. Off into the garden roses how things are fairing, we have almost no water pressure so watering is almost non existent along with showering and washing of clothes, we have several problems with bursts etc within about a 5 mile area!!!! Hoping the continued ringing of the water company but most of the village residents will result in a permanent solution,is a new updated pipe instead of the ancient iron one that is still in use for most of us!!!???
    Hala all :rose:

    • Golly Lynn … sounds like a tricky week you are having too …. best of luck with the ears and his job, er, not to mention the water sitution :confused: :love: :rose: :rose: :love: :rose: xx

      • Thankyou Anne, hmmmmm on the water, unable to use the shower since Friday and washing machine & kitchen hot tap as the boiler isn’t coming on as the pressure is so low :excruciating:
        Anyway I received some lovely mail yesterday when I got home, thankyou :rose: :walt:
        Off into the garden to see what going on :-)