• flowerpotlynn posted an update 3 months ago

    Afternoon all, we enjoyed our day out yesterday, lunch in Leicester and afternoon tea in Lincoln!!!! We realised when we got to Leicester that we didn’t want to be there, :lol: :lol: my mistake!!! We had a cream tea in a very old building which straddled the canal!!! and then walked along the river front, it was very dull weatherwise and a bit chilly!!! A interesting day :giggle: finally got back about 8.30pm :giggle: I did see a sign for Loughborough so gave a wave to Cilla & a wave to Jane as we passed through Lincolnshire.
    It rained all day yesterday in Welney and some of the night to and today from about 11am until about 20 mins ago, plants and veg looking so much better,plus nice lot of water in the water buts :good:
    Our first lot of honey off to the garden center/farm shop :good:
    • We had the cream tea in Lincoln, sorry brain still not in gear today :confused:

    • Oh Wow Lynn, that looks scrumptious, clever you, and clever bees! :good:

    • Oh, brilliant, Lynn!!! Well done those bees! And I’m waving back now :lol:
      Have a lovely evening – it’s raining steadily here now. Don’t know if I should do a :good: or a :bad: ;-)

    • That honey looks yummy. I hope they sell it all, I’m sure they will. Is it a 1lb? I did wonder why you wanted to go to Leics, I avoid it :lol: Lincoln is much quieter and prettier. I hope you enjoyed your day. It rained here for about q5 minutes last night and lunchtime today but soon cleared.

    • Thankyou Cilla, I’m wondering why I wanted to go to Leicester too :giggle:
      The jars on the left are just under, they have some comb in them. The righhand jars are lb jars.
      What we saw of Lincoln,I agree I is much prettier and interesting. We plan to go back before the end of the summer.
      About 4pm we had more rain with thunder, sun is shining now but it does feel chilly!!! Socks and fleece on :shout:
      Have :rose:

    • How smart are those jars! Yum, yum with banana on toast.