• flowerpotlynn posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning all, from a wet&blustery Norfolk. Which really won’t help with the internet/tablet problems, tablet said I needed to update, so I did, now everything isn’t where I can find and trying to unlock it is a faff etctetc :excruciating: :angry:
    Anyway have had some dry weather so , both borders sorted and plants moved around and the poppies I transplanted several weeks back now have greenery on them :good: just hoping they are the red ones and not the plum coloured ones ;-) dug up what I thought were 4 hollyhocks plants which then turned into 14!!! They had self seeded around them selves!
    OH finally finished insulating the loft, after finding some woodworm again,fortunately in a different area, so hopefully the little blighters won’t meet and the ceiling won’t collapse in on us :lol: I got the job of going up and down the stairs with the old wood boards and lagging etc, then the cleaning up, think it’s called team work???but it’s done now :good:
    OH has a interview on Monday, he’s had to do a online test, plus a PowerPoint presentation at the interview, no pressure :excruciating:
    Off to knit&natter in the rain!!! Shall catch up later :rose:
    Hald all :rose: