• flowerpotlynn posted an update 6 days, 5 hours ago

    Morning all, well the wind has died down to a breeze, we have blue sky and fluffy clouds. Lots of birds this morning visiting the feeders, several goldfinches, blue&great tits, robins and the small flock of sparrows that spend most of the day in the hedge bickering!!!
    Off to London for a couple of days as Max has full blown chickenpox, So not allowed in school, mum&dad have meetings etc, so newly retired Nannie has been called upon, not quiet what I had planned for my week, but he ho, we did say yes when asked. I’m letting the train the strain. HAGD all :rose:

    • Morning Lynn :-) hope Max gets over it quickly :fingers-crossed: How opportune that you’ve just retired ;-) Take care :rose:

      • Evening Jane, I wouldn’t have been able to help if I’d still been work, so it’s been timed well. :good:

        • I think that it’s a good job that you have the right sort of training Lynn … I echo Jane’s ‘Take Care’ :love: :rose:

          • Hi Anne, Max is much better today, after a good night’s sleep, which we all benefitted from. we’ve done homework too! A super hero orange!!
            Off into the garden for a spot of football.
            I’m home tomorrow :good:

            • He looks very well Lynn, doubtless after all your TLC. I shall ring you at home soon and catch up :love: :rose: