• flowerpotlynn posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Morning all, tis another glorious day here in Norfolk 👍
    Blood test this morning to try and find out what going on with my body!!!! So shall iron before hand, then garden this afternoon &this evening as the weather is too good to waste at the moment.
    Wonder what our bees will do today!!!! OH is now wondering if the swarm he caught and is settling nicely up the road, was our bees, as they are behaving as though they might be getting ready to swarm, anyone want some bees??? One to three hives in so many days :lol:
    HALD all :rose: :rose:

    • Good morning Lynn :high-five: It all sounds very confusing!! :lol:
      Good luck :good: :lol: :rose:

      • Morning just Anne, 11.58!
        Blood test went ok, I still don’t like needles, she was very good :good:
        Our bees have swarmed and I think they have relocated somewhere else :-( so might not survive unless someone finds them. So OH refused another swarm from another hive, so we will still have two hives, OH will have to checking our hive has made another queen or are in that process, or we will have to buy in another queen?????? Confused yet :excruciating:
        All seems calm in the garden , so I will venture out after lunch. Eyd :rose: :rose:

        • :lol: The Eyd got me wondering for a second, but I think I’m clear now about the Queens … you could give them names, these royal bees …. Queen ? the first of Cambridge or whatever ;-) HALA Lynn :-) :rose: