• flowerpotlynn posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Evening all, well that was eventful day :confused: our bees definitely swarmed this morning and are currently in a cardboard box the other side of the hedge!!! So don’t know whose bees we’ve got inthe swarm box, poor OH didn’t really have a lunch hour and was late back , So working on a bit. They were flying all over the garden washing line just as I was about to leave for my blood test, so it was a quick dash up the path & I had to keep the Windows closed just in case, I did open the bath room window a small amount as they are the other side of the hedge which is about two feet away from the window :shout: so lots of beehive making over the next few days :high-five:
    I stayed in the greenhouse all afternoon, so Tom’s reported, 24 cosmos purity&ammi majus potted on along with 12 ammi visage, think in have enough white flowers :giggle:
    Off to start dinner Chinese chicken. HAGE :rose: :rose:

    • Cor, this bee keeping isn’t the quiet country pastime we think it is ;-) Your garden will be bursting at the seams when all those flowers are in, bees paradise :-) 🐝

      • Morning Cilla, I know, I thought just a hive of bees no problems :giggle
        Our own swarm now safely in a brood chamber, first level of hive. OH needs to build a super for honey. 1st swarm given to a young chap who came to visit and talk bees back in March? He has bought a hive, so now has bees in it :good: .